Cupping Massage and Moxa

Suction cups are a method of treatment based on the creation of local power absorption, which results in the emergence of the surface energy layers of the body and of pathogenic blood.

Creating a vacuum and negative pressure, this massage helps to drastically retain drainage fluids and toxins.

It stimulates the regions system, restores the free flow of blood and energy to the muscles and skin and resolves adhesions in the connective tissue and the tissues of the body.

It is also very effectively treats cellulite.

Length of session: 20 '- 30 minutes for adults.
In children and for the elderly sessions do not exceed 5'-10 '.
All the above is defined according to the energy of each individual and the state of the pathogen.
An average adult can have 2-3 sessions weekly.


    Enhance the free flow of Ki and blood in the meridians
    It removes toxins from the body
    Disperses the cold and dampness
    Reduces swelling and pain
    Resolves adhesions
    Resolves blockages in connective tissue
    Rheumatic situations or arthritic pains
    For gastrointestinal problems
    For respiratory disorders
    For muscle pain due to sprains
    For chronic back pain, pain
    For muscle aches due to a sprain or fracture
    For chronic back pain, menstrual pains