The soles and palms are the mirror of a person.

The science of reflexology is an effective treatment system implemented through specific massage and pressure on reflex points of the feet, hands and ears, which correspond to organs and limbs. It is an extremely pleasant 'holistic' method treats a person as a whole, on a physical, mental and spiritual level and does not only focus on one’s condition.

It offers relaxation, balances the body, activates its healing powers, promotes health and wellness.

Reflexology is a natural, effective way to improve and / or discharge various problems and malfunctions.

Reflexology complements and is compatible with all conventional or alternative therapies and methods.

Reflexology does not replace medical advice. It cannot make a diagnosis of diseases / disorders .

Session Duration: 45 minutes.


    Stress, anxiety, insomniaς
    Cervical syndrome or frigidity painsς
    Stomach problems/ digestive system
    Headaches, migraines
    Back pain / sciatica
    Arthritis, arthrosis
    Allergies, asthma, eczema, skin
    Constipation, irritable bowel
    Depression, chronic fatigue
    Problems with the genital tract sinusitis
    Injuries, sports injuries
    Various other reasons for pain, inflammations