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General Treatment of Ayurveda

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In the Ayurvedic massage oils, and essential oils are used which are hot and flow abundantly over the body.

The body exfoliates, moisturizes. Muscles and ligaments are relaxed. The mind travels . . .
It is a process of "regeneration" because it offers the renewal of the entire body!!

Reflexology is an old art, but new science. Today, with the great development and the rise of science, reflexology has ceased to be just an art and has a share in scientific knowledge. Therefore, reflexology is both science and art. It is a science because it knows, the human body as much as possible and it is considered an art because with the various techniques applied, it has the potential to enhance the body's ability to heal after therapy is applied.

In this way, through different pressures, various techniques and applications- completely harmless to activate the reflex points of the human body especially on the soles and palms- we can help revitalize and strengthen the body.

We recommend reflexology because it offers absolute relaxation and tranquility to the spirit through reflex points.