• 1. Who can have a massage, reflexology or any of your treatments?
    Reflexology is good for everyone regardless of age.
    Alternative treatments can be done on children, adults and the elderly alike.
  • 2. How long does a reflexology session last? And how often should it be done?
    A session usually lasts 45 minutes.
    The standard is once a week, when what we want is simple relaxation.
    However, if we want to address a problem twice a week would be recommended or as frequently as needed depending on the needs of each body.
  • 3. Is it safe to have a reflexology session or any of the remedies provided by the Centre while pregnant?
    Yes, if and when the first three months of pregnancy have past and prior to the approval of a doctor.
    After the first trimester, expectant mothers find that certain reflexology and back massages help with treating fatigue, swollen feet, morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms.
    The back massage is done in a sitting position.
  • 4. Is reflexology safe for people suffering from chronic diseases?
    Reflexology can only do good and is known to significantly help with pain management. This is achieved through relaxation.
  • 5. Is reflexology a science?
    Reflexology is not recognized as a science like western medicine.
    It is an ancient healing technique that has fast results and relieves pain.
    In recent years it has become widely known and popular even accepted by the traditional medical community.
    Used in many hospitals around the world.
  • 6. Is reflexology a preventive method?
    It works as a preventative measure. Most people start reflexology after being frustrated by other treatments.
    The right thing would be to do reflexology before a problem occurs: preventatively to better health.
  • 7. Does reflexology help in cases of multiple sclerosis?
    Reflexology helps alleviate and ameliorate the secondary problems cause by disease, such as spasticity, balance, unsteadiness, double vision, difficulty swallowing, constipation, fatigue, etc. by improving the patient's quality of daily life.
    The treatment is always done in consultation with the doctor.
  • 8. Are there cases where one should not be allowed to have your treatments?
    8.1. During the first trimester of pregnancy
    8.2. If someone takes psychiatric drugs, is monitored by a psychiatrist / psychologist, has a psychological problem.
    8.3. If someone has placed a metal 'device' in some part of the body. (e.g. blades, pacemakers etc.).
    8.4. Up to three (3) months after surgery and after consulting ones doctor.
    8.5. Circulatory problems (thrombophlebitis, phlebitis, etc.).
    8.6. Diabetes
    8.7. Transmittable skin diseases.
  • 9. If you do not have flexibility or have some extra weight, could one have a Traditional Thai Massage?
    The moves used by the therapist will be mild, soft and gentle.
    Under no circumstances will more pressure be placed on the body than it can withstand.
  • 10. At what temperatures are the hot stones during a Hot Stone Massage?
    We usually use four temperatures:
    10.1. Hot 50-58 Degrees Celsius
    10.2. Warm 37-44 Degrees Celsius
    10.3. Cool lower than body temperature
    10.4. Iced 0-10 degrees Celsius C
    The temperature is adjusted according to the needs of each body.
    The purpose of the massage is to feel pleasant and comfortable

  • ** None of our treatments or our techniques is intended to be a substitute for medical advice or medical care. Any health problem requiring medical attention should be reported to your family doctor.

Definitions - Complementary therapies

Abdomen and colon massage:
Special massage suitable for the sensitive area of the abdomen.
We massage the abdomen and waist area and the sacrum, thus mobilizing the region helping it to become activated. For best results it should be used in addition to reflexology and holistic therapy.

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We recommend

A healthy mind in a healthy body

The gym is not a fashion or obligation; it is a way of life. First of all it helps us to be healthy, full physical and mental well-being and ultimately to have a healthy and vibrant body (and hence high confidence).
Most doctors recommend exercise for the treatment of musculoskeletal and pathological problems and the results are spectacular. Of course, we must not forget the contribution of fitness to psychological problems, and significant research has shown that people who exercise are less likely to suffer from depression and dementia. ...............


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Eating can significantly affect a person's health.

Aggressive diets deprive the body of important nutrients.

On the other hand, a balanced diet with a variety of foods, correct proportions and moderate amounts is the key to feeling healthy. A diet should supply the body with adequate amounts of nutrients to be maintained and operated in all systems. Such a diet is what we call a balanced one. And has three basic rules...................


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