I massage because:

Massage can (also) be a drug
Studies have shown that a massage stimulates the immune system and improves the balance of hormones and the body Even the most gentle massage is able to offer us much more than direct relaxation.

Massage - a source of relaxation and wellness
For many people, the right professional massage is considered as the only therapy that can really give us rest from a busy day and rejuvenate our body and soul.

Massage as a natural pain killer
A soothing massage achieves much more than simple muscle relaxation: according to Canadian scientists a massage acts as a natural painkiller as it mimics the action of anti-inflammatory drugs at the molecular level, thus reducing inflammation.

Amazing Health Benefits of a Massage
-Massaging has been used as a treatment to ease human aches and pains and create relaxation for thousands of years.

Our aim is to:

    velos  Above all improve your health..

    velos  To be the quality choice in providing the services you have selected.

    velos  To  improve your health, having seen the beneficial effects of our treatments on a personal level.

    velos  To vindicate and extend your trust in us which we have achieved over the years with our choices and our daily practice.

Our promise is to:

velos Inform and enrich our knowledge in order to approach and satisfy all your needs in the best way possible.

velos Respect the diversity and uniqueness of each individual and to adapt our techniques to your every need..

velos To advise you accordingly so as to ensure our course of treatment benefits you in your daily life..

velos  We are by your side to listen carefully about any issue that concerns you.

 Our basic promise is that you will experience a unique experience of relaxation, detoxification and rejuvenation.

Our staff

Antonina Skopintseva

Owner and manager of the Centre. Massage therapist, alternative healer and counselor of alternative therapies and beauty.

Graduated at the Academy of Life Therapy with a focus on "Holistic Massage" and "Reflexology" in Thessaloniki.

She has attended and successfully completed a cycle of Alexander Detkov course seminars. She has worked as a massage & beauty- therapist at Spas and has worked as a freelancer with a known hotel franchise.


Koula Bizergiannidou

Massage Therapist, Alternative therapist, Reflexologist.

She studied nursing and worked as a nurse at a hospital in Tashkent as an alternative therapist.

She is a graduate of the Academy of Life Therapy focusing on "Reflexology", she also attended postgraduate courses in reflexology, additional seminars in reflexology   "Reflexology workshop Round About Stress" of Dorthe Krogsgaard & Peter Lund Frandsen, Reflexology & Meridian Therapy (Reflexology and fertilization) of Inge Dougans. SuJok Therapy of Teovanovic Mladen.


  Center for Holistic Care

If you wish to continue or proceed with some of our sessions and you do not live in Alexandroupolis or have recently moved to another city, we can recommend therapists via the Reflexology Association of Greece throughout Greece or Massage-Beauty Therapists via the networking we have achieved through schools and seminars we have attended.