Package Sessions:


    10 sessions 280 €.
    6 sessions 180 €.


    Holistic massage: 3 sessions 100 €
    Back Massage: 5 sessions 100 €
    Foot massage (sport massage): 5 sessions 100 €

    Lymphatic massage:

    Legs-Glutes: 400 € for 20 package sessions
    Legs-Glutes: 345 € for 15 package sessions
    Legs-Glutes: 200 € for 10 package sessions
    Shoulders-arms: 300 € for 15 package sessions
    Shoulders-arms: 250 € for 10 package sessions


    Note:: Packages should be implemented over a period of 3 (three) months from the date of purchase. Extensions may be granted only under special circumstances and after your request has been approved by the Center's Directorate.

Recommended services

General Treatment of Ayurveda

The process starts with hot pads (pouches) which have various herbs inside such as lavender, lemongrass, orange carnations, ginger, etc., depending on the needs of each body.

The pads are heated in oil (sesame oil) in a special pot and a massage is done with these throughout the body.

velos Following is the Vishesh massage all over the body
velosFoot Massage
velosIndian head massage
velosShirodhara Method

During the Shirodhara process, warm oil flows on the forehead between the eyebrows, particularly on the 6th chakra or the 'third eye' as indicated.


Specialized services

After successfully completing course seminars by Alexander Detkov

  • Alexander Detkov Alexander Detkov applies these techniques.
    • Thai -New Dan- Massage
      The best techniques of Thai Massage in combination with traditional techniques, spa technique.
      Ayurveda -New Dan- Massage
      Shirodhara treatment
      Indian Head Massage
      Vischesh Massage
      Massage with pouches
      Each of the above has a compilation of different techniques and do not have the same moves.