As far as I can remember, as a little girl I recall having a problem with constipation but I did not realize why I thought it was normal to visit the toilet once a week.
As I grew up this whole issue started to bother me because I felt constantly bloated, -though I always paid attention to my diet and am the kind of person who exercises- I lost my mood and appetite, I felt low, I also noticed some acne scars on my face.
I had several treatments done for acne, but the problem still persisted.
Later I noticed discomfort in my back and neck. I went to a physiotherapist, I did some sessions but the results were minimal and no matter how much I was relieved, after some time the problem came back.
I learned to get used to living with the pain, with the discomfort and the constipation of course. I read an article about the benefits of reflexology and it indicated that it helps with digestive problems, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrom.
Then the brochure for the Center of Holistic Care fell into my lap and I booked my first session. I saw instant results as of my first session. I had a total of 10 sessions and I am now regular with my daily bowel movements.

I am no longer bloated, the little pain I had in my back has disappeared, my face has cleared up and the most important thing is that my mood has changed too!"

Nikoleta 29 years


My problem? A ruptured meniscus, hormonal disorders, stress, and sleeping disorders. Lymphatic massage sessions in combination with reflexology was why my knee was restored so fast!
Along with other musculoskeletal dysfunctions due to the problem I had, the combination of these maneuvers applied to my body proved to have such powerful and beneficial properties!
The pain in my joints almost stopped and my menstrual cycle normalized as well as the menstrual pains before this! I also saw a significant improvement in the appearance of my skin, edema and cellulose all of which were resolved with a lymphatic massage! My stress decreased and of course l started sleeping better!
A huge thank you to the Center of Holistic Care, for the moments of relaxation and wellness...

Sylvia M. 25 years old


Personal experience
"At the age of 16 or 17 years or so, I remember watching TV and suddenly" one of my eyes went black,” all I could see was a haze and as time passed it gradually disappeared and was replaced by a crazy headache and nausea.
No painkiller helped, only vomitting which came in turn. I didn’t suffer from this all the time. Sometimes it would happen daily and other times it would take months to show up. When it would appear I kept saying that I would go to the doctor’s and when it disappeared I would just let it pass.
I have some light sensitivity in the eyes and I can say that I also have stigmatism due to this. I hadn’t known anything much about alternative therapies and the only thing I looked into was to see what was ailing me.
Then I found an article which wrote about "migraines with aura", that's exactly what I had and I could not explain it! During that time my mother had attended a SUJOK therapy seminar and applied the techniques on me. It took no longer than five minutes to press on each hand so as to press the related points. We also applied some reflexology techniques on the ears. It has been four years since then and it has yet to reappear. The only thing left of the headaches and migraines are their unpleasant memory.
Since then, I try to have several treatments regardless of whether I have a health problem or not. It goes without saying that I always go to a doctor if I have a severe problem and have a check-up every 6 months and this is why I believe in the saying "I’m careful, so as to have health." Relaxation, wellness and toning that my body has, as well as the change in my mood after each session is something that no pharmaceutical therapy can achieve.

Antonina 28 years

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