Balancing energy.
Shiatsu is a Japanese application of traditional Chinese medicine and the exact translation of the word which means "finger pressure".

A fundamental element of the system; like any other application based on Traditional Chinese Remedies- is the meaning of KI (or CHI or QI), the vital energy of humans, which nourishes and maintains all body systems in working condition flowing the body through a system of energy channels called meridians. So when the chi is stagnant or deficient, we have imbalances and disease symptoms. The acupuncture of meridian points are specific points of stimulation where the appropriate manipulations can alter the flow of energy CHI, thus contributing to the balance of energy. Using fingers, palms, forearms, elbows, knees, legs, soles, but mainly the energy of the applied Shiatsu.

The main objective of the session and generally of Chinese medicine is mainly to restore the natural flow of energy in the human body and bring the receiver back in tune with the energy around the world. In this sense the approach is completely holistic as body, emotion, and cognition are treated as an organic unity.

Session Duration: 60 minutes.

With Shiatsu achieves:

    Activation of the immune system
    Balancing energy (CHI).
    Reduce anxiety and stress.
    Reduction of blood pressure
    Improving the nervous, endocrine, lymphatic and digestive system.
    Improve flexibility and posture.
    Improving the self-healing mechanism of the body.
    Sense of wellbeing.
    Increase mental and spiritual clarity