Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones for ultimate relaxation.

The History of the Hot Stone Massage, that is massage with hot stones, has a period of several thousands of years beginning from ancient India as well as the culture of Magias. Energy healers used to handle this energy with breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation, yoga, Nutrition and Massage. Apart from using their hands and tools, healers would also make use of herbs, crystals and stones.

As healers place the stones on the body in relation to the energy centers and acupuncture points along the meridians, they observed a therapeutic procedure. Parallel to this therapy, tense muscles relaxed and pain decreased or disappeared altogether.

The therapist's hands rhythmically alternated with stones, hence creating a peculiar relaxed and pleasant experience for the receiver. Other than the benefits of a massage with essential oils and special sense that the hot stones leave on the skin, this form of massage is known for the additional capacity of removing the "bad-negative" energy that is within the recipient's body.

The Hot Stone Massage is a therapeutic approach which in recent years has experienced great expansion and is one of the key services offered at Spa and treatment centers.

Session Duration: 80 minutes.

The Hot Stone Massage is the result of:

    Increase blood circulation, lymph and vital body fluids
    Increases mobility energy
    Increase the detoxifying capacity of the organization
    Increased sweating
    Increase joint mobility
    Relaxation of muscles
    Reduce stress and anxiety
    Raising awareness
    Reducing and balancing the excessive Yang Boosting Yin
    Reduction of cold on the body
    Deeply relaxing quality of the Central Nervous System