Ayurvedic Massage

The Science of Life, the science of knowledge.

Integrated Ayurvedic treatments always fascinated doctors and therapists. It is said that Hippocrates, the greatest representative of ancient Greek medicine, was inspired by Ayurvedic teaching. It was also the foundation of ancient Egyptian and Tibetan therapies. It is a system of preventive and curative medicine.

The guiding principle is that the mind exerts the most profound effect on the body and that the release of the disease depends on the balancing of our own consciousness and the extension of this balance in the body. This creates a higher state of health. Ayurveda, like other comparable alternative therapies, instructs us to turn our gaze internally to find this invaluable state within ourselves. Humans, nature and the universe are the same, are one body. When the mind is disturbed, the body suffers. When the body suffers, the mind is disturbed. The important role in the balance of mind and body that is played is the Body which in Sanskrit is called Doshas = '' what changes'. Doshas are the essential lifeblood or biological idiosyncrasies found only in living beings and life thanks to their dynamism .

Each one of us is born with a unique balance of doshas Vitta, Pitta and Kapha, through which we were what we were and also identifies our strengths and weaknesses. Due to our various changes made in time, such as climatical changes, seasonal changes, life stages, diet, and lifestyle, the balance within us can be disturbed. If our weight increased our new Vitta, Pitta, Kapha changed. In this case you will not feel "yourselves" unless we restore the original combination of Vitta, Pitta, Kapha in which we were born. Ayurveda can help people discover the original equilibrium and return to it. Session Duration: 120 minutes.

Shirodhara Method.

Shirodhara Treatment.

The word is complex and means Shiro (head) and dhara (what flows). In this process the hot oil then flows to the front particularly to the 6th trakras or 'third eye' as indicated.

With this method we achieve:
deeply relaxing facial muscles, connective tissues of the head
reduced headaches and headaches
helps the scalp offering deep hydration
helps with hair loss and alopecia.
tries to bring one back into contact with the human inner self.

While undergoing the Ayurvedic treatment, massage oils (basically sesame) and essential oils are used which are hot and abundantly flow over the body.

"Man is healthy when the operation of the body such as metabolism, digestion, the consistency of tissue and excreta are in equilibrium when the soul, senses and spirit are in permanent state of inner happiness.» (Sushruta, 750p. X)

Ayurvedic Massage

    Deep physical and mental relaxation so that we can thereby detect blocked energy causing pain or discomfort.
    Reduce anxiety and stress
    Reduced muscle aches
    It helps with the proper functioning of the internal organs (digestive, nervous, lymphatic system).